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Hi and Welcome to the Wonderful World Of The Shih Tzu! Let me introduce myself properly. My Name is Dana, I am married to my wonderful husband Terry that loves the babies as much as I do. We have 3 Beautiful children (All Boys ha-ha) I graduated as an Animal Care Specialist and Vet Assistant back in 2010. Our babies are well socialized and come home to you pre-spoiled.

We breed for health, temperament, beauty and Specialize in Rare and Exotic Colors, We also produce the common colors as well. We Breed the regular size Standard Shih Tzu that range from 9-16 lbs, and also the smaller Chinese Imperial babies that are under 9 lbs. We have a wide variety of colors which include Rare Blue's and True Blue's, Chocolates and Livers, Solid Whites and Creams, Solid Blacks and Black and Whites, Reds and Golds and more. We also produce Blue eyes with the Blue Shih Tzu's on occasion. 

Our Available Babies are located in the Puppy Nursery. All babies are sold as Pet Only, We do not sell to Breeders, Pet Shops, Puppy Mills or anyone that we feel would not give our sweet babies the wonderful life that they deserve as spoiled rotten lap babies. ​​

Please read the info on the Applications & Puppy Info Page. There is a lot of info​​ about how to adopt one of our babies and also answers to many questions that you may have. 

We produce both AKC and some CKC babies. The AKC babies will be more expensive. Our CKC is still great quality babies, but at a discounted price. ​​

Feel Free to look around our site and if you have any questions, send us an email.  shihtzulane@gmail.com​
Orange Liver
Blue Cream
Blue Dobie
Blue and White
Solid White
Orange Cream 
Solid Black
Solid Cream
Gold Liver
Chocolate/White Liver
These are just a few examples of our puppies and colors. Some colors are more rare than others.